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Distribution and Import

Distribution and Import

Our job is to support you in your choice of supply, thanks to our network of international suppliers and our local partners, we are able to offer you a global answer that meets all of your concerns:

  • Constant product quality
  • Competitive prices
  • Availability of stocks
  • Respect for delivery times
  • Resale of your surplus stock


One of the missions of Adams LLC is to ensure your production chain continuous supply and this throughout the year. When the official distribution system cannot meet your needs because of scarcity, allocation or obsolescence, Adams LLC brings you an alternative supply.

With direct access to surplus stocks from our various suppliers, OEM and EMS which constitute our network around the world, Adams LLC guarantees you a reliable, continuous supply.

A Custom Service

A Custom Service

Our team is at your service to provide you with solutions adapted to your needs: supply of product distribution, sourcing (obsolete / sub allocation), international stock management and logistics.

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